5Quick Ways to Prevent Motion Sickness

Traveling could be fun however; the journey gets tiring for some people. The change in climate, longer distance, and continuous traveling may cause motion sickness to many people. Do not worry as there are various ways to avoid it so that you can enjoy your journey to the core.

Read the 5 simple ways on how you can prevent motion sickness:

  1. Limit your intake of food:

Watch what you are eating; eating heavy food may cause trouble especially when you are sailing or driving. Limit your consumption of alcohol and other similar liquids that may worsen the motion sickness.

  1. Do not use strong body sprays or perfumes:

Not many are aware but, it is true that strong odours and perfumes trigger motion sickness. You feel sick of the smell and staying with it for long hours. Also, avoid carrying food with strong odours. Carry gentle and mild soaps, perfumes, and food items.

  1. Choose your seat wisely:

If you are planning a car journey, never choose a seat at the backside of the car. Back seats may worsen the motion sickness giving you the feeling of nausea and dizziness. If would be wise to choose front seat or centre seat and window seat.

  1. Dramamine tablets:

Dramamine tablets work the best and you must carry this after taking advice from your doctor. Your doctor will suggest you to use this during long journeys and ship voyages. These tablets have no side effects and are mostly prescribed by general health practitioners. You may still consult your doctor and ask if you can carry these along.

  1. Go in an open air:

Motion sickness can also make you feel suffocated. If you are on a ship, it would be wise to go in an open area and feel fresh air. Same goes with car or bus. Stop the vehicle, get down, and walk for some time in an open area.

If you wish to know more about dramamine tablets, click here.We wish you a happy journey with good health and no motion sickness.