A step by step process on clinical research in the R&D Pharma industry

R&d pharma is the industry where the research and development are going on for some of the scientific and technological uncertainty things. Some diseases are found in advance before they occur and create massive human and properties loss. This has been in practice from a long time back and many new diseases and several serious issues have been avoided because of this department. Here is some of the clinical research regarding how the drugs will interact with the human body. This is also referred to as the clinical trials to make the right selection of the medicines for the human.


Being the initial stage in the design it is the place where the plan or protocol is established. Here the researches are in the place to answer regarding the trails. This is also referred to as the study or the selection of the right procedures of different factors of the entire research. Within some duration, the researchers need to access the information and that will be collected reviewed and analyzed by another experienced team of researchers.

Process of investigating

In this stage, the pharmaceutical companies need to submit an application called Investigating New Drug (IND) application and it should be verified by the FDA. Now, the sponsors will indicate the IND application and completely study the animal and toxicity data regarding all the details like manufacturing information, protocol to be used, data of the previous clinical trials and about the other piece of details.

FDA approval

The team consists of the specialists in different fields and that includes project manager, a medical officer, a pharmakineticist, a chemist, a statistician, a pharmacologist, and a microbiologist. With these members, the team reviews them and approves the application for further research. The teams also have the right to stop or hold the process. Most of the cases, it will be approved, in some, there are changes to pause but stopping the entire process is too rare.

Clinical resource phase studies

It has three main phases and it tests for the safety and efficiency of the developed drug and their effects on the humans with the optimal dosage. In phase 1 the drug is tested with 20 to 100 volunteers with the condition or diseases and if there are some positive results it moves to the next step. In phase 2 the drug is given to several hundreds of people who suffer from the disorder of diseases with the optimal dosage and look for the effect. This may take even months and year. In phase 3 the volunteers from 300 to 3000 are taken and tested with the drugs and check about the adverse reaction effects. On successful of the medicines, the drugs are approved.

Like several other industries, r&d pharma is also one of the most important industry to take care of the human with different new diseases that evolved every now and them. Remember that for the complete success and approving of the medicine it takes even years. So, be responsible in the food that you eat and stay from such disease creating factors.

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