Cannabis and Psychedelics: Is America Looking to Check Out?

While the rise of medical cannabis in America is generally seen as a good thing, it has given rise to something that may not be so good: a new advocacy in favor of legalized marijuana and psychedelics. Our culture looks to be trying to remove the moral component of medical cannabis and replace it with the freedom to use mind-altering substances at will. Could it be that America is looking to ‘check out’?

In the 1960s, counterculture icon Timothy Leary constantly encouraged hippies to “turn on, tune in, and drop out.” He was advocating using mind-altering substances to essentially check out of society. By getting high as frequently as possible, his hippie followers would not be burdened by societal norms. They wouldn’t have to pay attention to the rules orderly society lived by.

Could it be that modern advocates of recreational marijuana and psychedelics want to do the same thing? It is possible. What is the purpose of using psychedelics, if not to escape society’s current reality?

  1. Medical Use Is a Separate Thing

Before going any further, it must be understood that the medical use of controlled substances is a separate thing. Some thirty-seven states allow residents to use medical cannabis as a treatment for conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), seizure disorders, and cancer pain. Washington and the states allow otherwise illegal opioids to be utilized as pain medication under a doctor’s supervision.

Medical use is one thing, recreational use is something entirely different. Medical use can be safely supported with a regulated industry that keeps things in check. Utah is managing to do so nicely, according to Salt Lake City cannabis pharmacy Beehive Farmacy.

As for going beyond medical use, the question is why so many Americans are so eager to use mind-altering substances recreationally. The answer is likely too troubling to deal with. We do not want to admit our collective desire to escape reality, so we sweep it under the rug as though there is nothing here to see.

  1. An Alarming Push for Psychedelics

Unfortunately, the Timothy Leary mindset did not follow the consummate hippie to the grave with him. It is still alive and well today. And no, checking out of society is no better in the 21st century just because the idea has had 60 years to ferment.

Make no mistake, the push for psychedelics is now in full motion. From Michigan to Oregon and California, people want to be able to freely use psychedelics as they see fit. They cite all sorts of reasons but, in the end, it all points to a desire to check out.

It has often been said that the Roman empire was destroyed from within. History points to a gradually declining political environment in which leaders were allowed by the voters to do what they wanted, without consequence. Eventually, corruption took hold. Why? People didn’t care what their leaders did as long as it didn’t interfere with the pleasures of daily life.

Therein lies the danger of checking out. When a society is more interested in pursuing only what makes people feel good, those in control are more easily able to exploit the masses. This Rome’s love of pleasure ultimately became the instrument of its demise. It looks like the U.S. could be on the verge of making the same fatal mistake.

Is America looking to check out? Things are beginning to look that way, and increasingly so as the years go by. Recreational marijuana and the push for psychedelics are evidence of it. Will we see the evidence and do something about it?