Citicoline Sodium – Effective in Rehabilitation for Drug Addicts


Citicoline Sodium is admired by young and old for its cognition-enhancing properties. Citicoline has many benefits revealed by research and studies. It is crucial for the production of phospholipids like phosphatidylcholine, which are building blocks for cell membranes and forms a protective coating in the nerves. Phosphatidylcholine, apart from maintaining cell structure, forms a lining of fat and proteins in the lungs, which helps to breathe. It also secrets mucus that forms a coating in the intestine of humans. It also protects the liver and in metabolism to break down fats. By increasing the level of Ach and choline, it protects the nerves.

Citicoline and CDP choline

The structure of a molecule of Citicoline is more complex compared to choline or alpha GPC. But it is very similar to what is produced inside the body. There is a distinctive way to differentiate between the two; Citicoline is the name given when used for therapy and CDP choline when produced inside the human body. Once it gets inside the body, it breaks down into two components, choline and cytidine. After it bypasses the blood-brain barrier (layers of cells that separates blood from the brain), neurons again restructure it to Citicoline and other phospholipids.

Choline increases the level of acetylcholine and another neurotransmitter for the optimal functioning of the brain. The blood transforms Citicoline into various other beneficial components.  This is one of the reasons why Citicoline is better than regular choline. It boosts cognition activities, prevents brain damage, effective in rehabilitation for drug addicts, helps in recovery after stroke, and improves eyesight.

Dietary sources

For organic production of Citicoline body needs cytidine and choline. The best natural way to boost the level of Citicoline is to take foods that are rich in cytidine and choline. The foods that are enriched with these two components are organ meat (liver), eggs, chicken, fish, whole grains, and beans. Best nootropic choline supplements are another potential source.

Cognitive benefits

Cognitive abilities decrease with age due to low blood circulation and other reasons. Results of 14 clinical tests reveal treating them with CDP choline significantly improved their memory retention power. Administrating 1,000mg per day for a period of 9 months decrease symptoms of mild cognitive impairment conducted over 350 elderly patients. The drug strengthens nerve membrane, increased level of noradrenaline, and dopamine. It also prevented radical damage.

Many younger people use it to sharpen their minds, enhance memory, and prevent cognitive degeneration. In two clinical tests on 135 healthy adults, a dose of 250-500mg per day significantly increased their concentration and mental lucidity.

 Use of marijuana impairs cognitive ability. In one clinical test administration of 2,000mg per day for a period of 8 weeks on 19 acute marijuana smokers shows improve cognitive skill and lower impulsive behavior. All of them wanted to quit marijuana and sought to live a healthy life.

Low blood supply can severely damage neurons inflicting enormous brain damage. Citicoline strengthens cell membranes and disallowing free radical production if given within the first 24 hours of a stroke. It increases the chance of complete recovery.