Dr. Kami Hoss – Overcome Speech Impediments and Jaw Discomfort by Treating Overbite

Overbite or buck teeth refer to the form of malocclusion where there is a misalignment in your jaws. As a consequence, the upper region of your teeth overlaps the lower portion. This condition occurs due to a variety of reasons. These include the childhood tendencies of thumb-sucking or bottle-feeding beyond the age of 18 months. In the case of teenagers, it can result from chronic bad habits like nail-biting, teeth grinding, or chewing pencils.  If you do not treat this malocclusion at an early stage, it will put a risk on your teeth, and the jaw might grow out of shape. This can spoil your facial appearance and adversely affect your self-confidence.

Dr. Kami Hoss – What are the serious complications that arise from overbite?

Dr. Kami Hoss is a dental and orthodontic expert from Chula Vista, California. He has more than 20 years of valuable experience in the area of dentistry. He is a graduate of the prestigious University of California, Los Angeles School of Dentistry. He even has the privilege of serving on the Board of Counselors of the University. His area of expertise is in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. Currently, he is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Super Dentists, a prominent and award-winning pediatric dental clinic serving the entire Southern California community.

 He says you might not consider buck teeth or overbite to be a serious oral healthcare condition. However, this malocclusion can cause irreparable damage to your teeth resulting from abnormal positioning. You could end up suffering from serious temporomandibular conditions. The other complications which are likely to occur are:

  • Tooth decay in the form of erosion of the enamel, gum diseases and cavities,
  • Experiencing severe jaw pain,
  • Frequent headaches,
  • Suffering from an unusual discomfort when chewing your food,
  • Sleep apnea,
  • Developing speech impediments as you advance in age,
  • Causing permanent aesthetic deterioration in your facial appearance, and
  • Having breathing difficulties which can affect your lifestyle.


He further explains your dentist will recommend you to an orthodontist if his diagnosis proves this condition. This specialist will first examine the entire region of your mouth. In doing so, he might take a series of x-rays to determine the severity of your overbite. Only then will he take a decision on which of the following treatments to pursue:

  1. Insist you wear braces for a short period to correct the alignment of your teeth,
  2. Conduct a surgery if the overbite results from a misalignment of the jawbones, and
  3. In the worst-case scenario, extract one or two of your teeth.

Dr. Kami Hoss concludes by saying overbite is a serious condition which you should not neglect to treat.  Not only does this malocclusion ruin the aesthetic appearance and lead to serious health issues. These include tooth decay, severe jaw pain, sleep apnea, speech impediments, and even breathing issues. Your self-confidence will also plummet. Fortunately, there are three common treatments that a qualified orthodontist with adequate experience can resort to. These include recommending the use of braces for a short period, tooth extraction, and even surgery.