ERA Fit…The Ultimate Health Tracker. 

How does ERA Fit’s online personal training system stand out from all of the other training systems and companies out there? We structure and create a customized plan for the individual to check and follow to progressively get to their goals. ERA Fit provides you with a personalized food list and nutrition plan, customized workout, and a place to track everything that you do. 

What Can I do On The Health Tracker?

You can take photos of your meals and post them online, and you can track your progress from start to finish. This information will then be reviewed by a professional coach who will walk .you through your plan, and be by your side along your journey. 

Our online health tracker has everything that you need, to track your progress, stay on top of your plan, and keep in touch with your coach. There are hundreds of different work out videos for you to watch, as well as the correct stretches to do. 

There’s also a medical review tab where you can look at your current fitness levels, your body type, and check out the training and diet recommended for you. You will be able to see your goals and your current status, so you will know which areas need improving, and which areas are on track for the goals that we set together. 


Don’t be afraid, this is good homework, and it will push you in achieving your goals. This is where your accountability comes in. You can see the homework set for you, and you need to check it off each time you do it. If you decide not to be 100% honest, you are only cheating yourself. 

Tracking Your Progress

A lot of people go by their weight, especially when their goal is body fat loss, but you need to keep in mind that while training, you will gain muscle. This is where our before and after pictures come in. You do keep track of your weight, but you also upload photos of yourself to show the progress that you have made. 

Never Underestimate The Power Of Stretching

There is a tab dedicated to the stretches that suit you and your routine the most. They are very detailed, and doing them will help to prevent injury to yourself. Stretches will be set in sessions, as well as for homework. 

Diet Is A Huge Part

Diet and exercise go hand-in-hand; if you are working out seven days a week, but eating pizza every day, you aren’t likely to see the results you want. We hook you up with a variety of meal delivery services so that you don’t have to think about cooking and balancing your meals. We also ask you to upload pictures of your meals so that you can really hold yourself accountable. You can also receive notifications reminding you of when you should be training and when you should be eating. 

Another reason why ERA Fit stands out from the crowd is that we give you everything that you need to work with, we show you step by step what you should be doing, and we point out and correct anything that isn’t being done. We work with you as an individual, and everything we provide you with is in one place. Whether you want personal training in Miami or online personal training, ERA Fit has the answers that you are looking for.