Get Your glo on with Online Pilates

The Pilates Experience:

Glo lets you do Yoga and Pilates online that will give you a better experience than you will get anywhere else. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced fitness guru, Pilates online will work your mind, body and soul like you never have before. They have experienced instructors that will take you to a new level of training.

For Beginners:

Pilates online offers 300+ classes and 15 different programs that will let any beginner customize their workout to what works best for them. They will help you learn the basics in a welcoming environment.

They have styles like slow and simple, everyday tune-ups, no arms overhead, Relaxed Shoulders, Open Chest, Yin Practice to Prep for Sleep and Reset your Seat.

Pilates online gives you 4 styles for beginners including Hatha, a slower moving yoga, Restorative, uses props and postures to start deep relaxation, Vinyasa, a broad range of yoga styles and Yoga conditioning, blends Yoga with strength training.

Pilates Classes:

Pilates online offers Pilate classes that will challenge even the advanced user. They have Pilates Interval Training which will give you the greatest workout with the added choice of using light weights.

Slouch Antidote will work on your back and flexibility in your spine using a resistance band. It will help rid you of slouching and strengthening your back.

Strengthen with Resistance and Load will challenge you by using resistance bands and weights to improve your balance. They use 3 pound weights but you can use whatever works for you.

Core Basics for the Active Beginner is a mat routine that will introduce the foundational moves like roll-ups and double leg stretch to give you a good core workout.

Head to Toe Mobility is a gentle workout that uses stretches for a sense of release. This is a good workout when you want to be active but would like something gentle and soothing.

Classical Pilates Challenge is a quick paced class that will challenge you while toning and strengthening your whole body.

Mat Pilates Online:

Mat Pilates 101 is precise controlled movement that will strengthen you from your core. It will complement your Yoga workout by lengthening and toning your muscles. It starts out slow but works up to a faster pace as the class moves along.

Mat Pilates 2.0 is a core blasting workout in just 20 minutes. With move that will give you a sculpted body and make your muscles work in new ways. If you are looking for a quick workout or you have limited time for a workout, this is a great class that will keep your routine going.

It offers Pilates Power Up that will sculpt and tone your whole body using classic poses, Pilates Burn which will push your body to extremes and Pilates Challenge which is a killer workout with maximum burn.


Glo offers everything you want in Pilates and Yoga. You can work out to your own schedule with expert instructors. No matter what level you are at, or how much time you have, Glo has the routine for you.