Here Is How the Droplets Can Spread Coronavirus

With the outbreak of covid-19, we are nervous whenever we hear the sound of someone sneezing or coughing. Germs easily spread through the clouds of droplets that is sprayed out when the sternutation is over. Studies show that these droplets can remain suspended for several minutes in the air and spread respiratory illness including covid-19.

Covering your face with tissue while sneezing and coughing can help mitigate the spread of germs. It is also recommended that you wear safety masks to stay safe from the airborne virus spread. If you need masks in bulk to protect your community or workers, get cost-effective customized face masks from Custom Earth Promos, which is a green company.

Knowing how far these droplets can travel will give us a little comfort and we will be aware of the precautionary steps to be taken to avoid catching the virus.

One study shows that fine mist of mucus and saliva that comes from the nose and mouth of a person can travel up to 27 feet at a speed of nearly hundred miles per hour. It comes to more than four times the recommended physical distance. It is to be remembered that even an asymptomatic can also spread the germ through a random sneeze.

The droplets are categorized into large and small. Large droplets are around five to ten microns and small droplets are called aerosols. When the virus leaves our body through a sneeze or cough, these droplets carry those infectious viruses.

Thanks to gravitation, the large droplets fall to the ground or nearby objects. When you touch these contaminated objects and after that touch your eyes, nose or mouth, you are allowing the virus to sneak through your body.

Aerosols can travel to greater distance through air and last for longer time inside the warm droplet. However, it is unclear whether airborne viruses are still infectious or not and also how much of exposure to these droplets can cause infection is still unknown. It can be understood that larger the droplets, greater the chances of respiratory infection.

Apart from sneezing and coughing, droplets are thrown out even when a person speaks or breathes. We may not be cautious of these droplets. The droplets can travel up to three feet when a person speaks loudly. Which is why CDC recommends public to wear mask when in public.

Wear the mask properly that it covers your nose and mouth entirely. To remove the mask, wash your hands with soap and use the ear straps to remove the mask. Most of the germs will be on the front side, so avoid touching that part. If you want to reuse the mask, follow the wash care rules properly.

Keep the windows open for air circulation. Increasing ventilation is recommended since if you have to inhale the same air as the other person exhales, it can spread the virus.

Apart from wearing mask, maintain social distancing of at least six feet. Avoid mass gatherings. Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or use any alcohol-based sanitizer that has more than 60% alcohol. These habits will help mitigate the spread of coronavirus.