How to Build a Career as an Acupressure Therapist

The acupressure is often referred to as ABT or Asian Bodywork Therapy which is basically a Chinese traditional method popularly used across the world for relaxation and other remedies for numerous physical disorders. The acupressure therapy involves various types of massaging such as pressure, stretching and rubbing, kneading and rolling, grasping and wiping including numerous exercises across several points and particularly 12 major points which are called meridian points or acupoints in the body. The acupressure is somewhat similar to acupuncture which has been effectively used for relaxation and overall wellness over a period time. However, the basic difference between the acupressure therapy and acupuncture based on the opinion of experts is that the acupuncture more relies on the needling whereas the acupressure mostly relies on pressure using fingers, palms, elbows and other devices. Contact Ecole Setsuko if you are desirous of receiving the best acupressure services as well as to get yourself trained and qualified on acupressure, naturopathy and massage therapy.

Many acupressure institutions have been established across the world to learn and get qualified in acupressure therapy and build a career as an acupressure therapist. You can get yourself admitted in these institutions after a specific level of education mostly the higher secondary education for a diploma and degree course in the acupressure therapy. You can also get into masters or postgraduate diploma course after your degree in acupressure therapy. The duration of the courses usually varies from three to six months and from two to three years. The master or the post-graduate diploma course in acupressure are normally done as an add on course by the medical graduates which are normally short-term courses varying from two to nine months durations.

You can also become an acupressure therapist by clearing a certificate course on Traditional Chinese medicines especially and specifically on acupuncture, massage therapy, reflexology etc. There are distance education facilities for people who have problems with attending formal and institutional education. However, you need to study the prescribed online course and attend exams in the distance education of these courses. Numerous workshops and seminars are conducted across the world on acupressure and other traditional Chinese medicine therapies which are very helpful for the acupressure therapists in developing their professional capabilities and efficiencies.

The acupressure curriculum across the world normally covers subjects or topics on anatomy of human body, history of acupressure, concept and definition of acupressure, the significance of acupressure, acupressure techniques, acupressure points, acupressure areas and acupressure treatment, laws of 5 key elements of acupressure and importance of acupressure, classifications of acupressure, usages of acupressure instruments and devices, the diseases and treatment through acupressure, and clinical practices.