The What, How, and Why of Formula 1

The Human Body Needs Exercise and the Right Fuel

Exercise is as essential as eating. The human body is a work of art, and it needs constant maintenance. Eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner are important, but not all of those meals help the cells in our bodies function the way they should. Cells need the right form of protein to keep our organs healthy. Most people don’t know cells have their own consciousness until they experience some sort of cellular breakdown that results in medical attention.

Our immune system cells need the vitamins, minerals, and proteins as well as the right carbohydrates and fats to help snuff out the free radicals that invade the body regularly. A diet full of high-calorie fat, bad carbohydrates, and animal protein doesn’t give our cells the energy they need to go through their cycle of life. And an exercise routine that isn’t well planned could only go so far.

To feed the cells what they want, it’s important to understand what ingredients promote cellular health, and what ingredients do nothing but supply the body with empty calories.

Herbalife’s Formula 1 Shake Has a Successful 40-Year Track Record for Delivering What Our Cells Need

Herbalife Nutrition has always supported people in their quest to live healthier and more active lives. The company’s Formula 1 shake provides the vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients the cells need to function effectively. Herbalife’s Formula 1 shake helps people address the issues that develop from poor nutrition and the free radicals they ingest every day. Formula 1 is not a cure-all, but it does help people who want to develop an effective way to deal with issues like weight management and incorporating more nutrients into their diet.

Those who drink Formula 1 regularly like to customize their daily shake, so it has the right vitamins, minerals, and proteins that work for them. Herbalife Nutrition recommends quality ingredients that enhance Formula 1’s effectiveness. The company also recommends adding ingredients that your body responds to because every person has a different cellular structure.

Formula 1’s Ingredients Meet Government Safety Standards

The 21 vitamins and minerals in Formula 1 shakes, as well as the 9 grams of protein that comes from soy, and the 3 grams of fiber, set the stage for an antioxidant explosion in the body. And all Formula 1 ingredients meet government safety standards. There’s enough vitamin A, C, and E in each shake to help the cells fight the free radicals that have the potential to disrupt their normal functions. A 170-calorie shake also helps people who want to shed a few unwanted pounds.

Herbalife’s great-tasting nutritional products like the ultra-convenient Formula 1 + PDM On The Go packets, and the Formula 1 Express Meal Bar, as well as the original Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix all contain the ingredients the body needs. Those products complement any serious wellness program, according to the people who started using Formula 1 decades ago.

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