The Lifestyle Changes You Need To Make While Undergoing IVF Treatment

The process of IVF involves taking eggs from ovaries and fertilizing them with the sperm and it results in the development of an embryo. After a few days, the doctor implants embryos in the uterus. There are various lifestyle changes needed when you are about to undergo IVF treatment. Good lifestyle changes improve fertility.

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Lifestyle Changes to Make While Undergoing IVF Treatment

Healthy Lifestyle Changes

These healthy lifestyle changes help in achieving good fertility. You need to quit smoking, maintain an ideal weight, and avoid taking alcohol as it affects fertility. Do not involve in unprotected sex this can result in having sexually transmitted diseases. Eat foods with high folic acid and protein content.


You can do mild exercises while you are doing IVF treatment. You need to consult your doctor before you start any kind of exercise. Mostly do those exercises that promote stress relief. It is important to take care of your physical health to have a healthier pregnancy.

Managing Stress

During your treatment period avoid any kind of stress as it has a negative effect on your pregnancy. The unnecessary stress also results in low success rate. You may get stressed due to failure of IVF cycles, financial issues or any kind of problems.

How to Handle Such Situations

Always plan ahead about the IVF process, you can discuss out your problems it brings emotional relief. Gather emotional support from the parents having infertility issues. Join yoga or meditation classes to relieve stress. You can talk to your doctor regarding the number of embryos to be transferred. Always remain strong during your IVF treatment cycles.


So it is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you undergo IVF treatment to maintain any kind of complication. An IVF cycle with a success rate helps in having a healthy baby.