The Secret to Treating Chronic Pain Is Often Good Management

We human beings are curious creatures. We have led ourselves to believe that there is a pill capable of fixing everything that is physically or mentally broken. If we are suffering from a cold, we run to the doctor for an antibiotic. If we are frightened of coronavirus, we line up to get the vaccine. If we suffer from pain, we pop NSAIDs or look for something stronger.

The pain issue is very real to tens of millions of Americans. And unfortunately, many chronic pain patients have unrealistic expectations of their doctors. They act as though the doctor has a magic solution of long-term relief. Yet that’s rarely how things work. In many cases, the secret to treating chronic pain is good management.

  • Pain Is a Part of Life

It is true that many causes of chronic pain are self-inflicted by a modern lifestyle that seems to revolve around poor nutrition, a lack of exercise, etc. Yet even the healthiest among us experience pain from time to time. Why? Because pain is part of life. It is a necessary part of human biology.

Living with the expectation of a pain-free life is unreasonable. Moreover, expecting the entire world to stop because you are experiencing pain is equally unreasonable. The world continues to revolve whether or not a person feels good on any particular day. It is not going to stop revolving because someone suffering from pain cannot find adequate relief.

  • Good Pain Management Works

A good way to look at chronic pain is to imagine living in your dream home on the coast. You live there despite the fact that you know your house is always subject to the elements. You put up with occasional high winds and driving rain. You tolerate the annual hurricane season because you know the rewards are worth it once the season ends.

Year-round, you manage and maintain your home to ensure that it withstands the elements. When something breaks, you fix it. When parts of your property start showing wear and tear, you address them. You can never completely mitigate the risks associated with living where you live, nor can you completely eliminate the danger. But you can manage your property and your life to the extent that you thrive in your coastal location.

Pain management is based on the same principle. It accepts the fact that not all pain can be completely eliminated. Therefore, it seeks to eliminate what can be and manage the rest. And like good management practices can allow you to thrive in a coastal home, good pain management can allow you to thrive in the midst of the cause of your pain.

  • Managing Pain with Targeted Treatments

So, how does good pain management work? Specialists at Texas-based Lone Star Pain Medicine say the key is targeted treatments. Rather than expecting the doctor to pull out a pad and write a prescription for a long-term pain medication, work with a doctor willing to offer more targeted treatments based on your individual circumstances.

Your type of pain might be best managed with regular steroid injections. It might be better managed by physical therapy and a change in your diet. The point is this: an individualized treatment plan that targets the specific cause of your pain can help you manage it a lot more effectively than prescription medication.

Pain is a normal part of life. At the point a patient is ready to accept this, good management practices can begin. And with good pain management comes the ability to thrive regardless of the cause of one’s pain.