Top Five Online Ayurvedic Doctor Consultation Sites

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word meaning “science of life”. Ayurveda got its root from the Indian subcontinent, and today world is following it. Ayurveda is excelling at breakneck speed across the globe. Ayurvedic treatment is recommended for all types of diseases. Several myths prevail in society about Ayurveda having side effects, slow process, expensive consultation, etc. The facts are entirely contrasting. Ayurveda starts working from roots of the diseases, and thus the results are not visible overnight, an authentic ayurvedic treatment does not have any side effect. It suits almost every type of body, unlike the allopathy, ayurvedic medicines are months and follow up appointments are monthly, and doctors charge accordingly.

During the unforeseen lockdown, people encountered problems in visiting doctors. Nevertheless, it was important for people to consult doctors regarding their issues. Several visual platforms emerged to provide online consultation. Some of the top online ayurvedic doctor consultation sites are;

  1. Docterz – Online Doctor Consultation Platform

Docterz is an online platform that provides online doctor consultation to patients according to their problems. Docterz is an all in one platform that is stuffed with the best practitioners in every specialization. Doctor panel consists of best ayurvedic practitioners. Patients can consult on video calls and phone calls; the follow-up appointments with doctors is also recorded. Docterz is well equipped with secure payment gateway, booking appointments, a variety of specialists in doctor panel, etc. Ayurvedic medicine consultation is available on Docterz. Their services are available on web portal and apps on androids and IOS.

  1. Veda5

Veda5 is an excellent platform for getting ayurvedic doctor online consultation. This platform also provides high-quality ayurvedic medicines with some extra shipment charges across the world. This platform claims to have doctors having 15-year experience. The e-clinic is set up where patients can book online appointments and follow up with doctors.

  1. Nirogstreet

Nirogstreet is an award-winning online ayurvedic doctor consultation platform. This portal is considered the best ayurvedic platform, as it renders the best services to the patients. Nirogstreet has a panel of more than 500 ayurvedic doctors. Personalized treatment, the shipment of medicines, follow up with doctors, etc., are some of the advantages of using this app. Services of nirogstreet are available on web portal and apps on androids and IOS.

  1. Ayurveda consultants

Ayurveda consultants is the only platform that offers free ayurvedic online consultation to the patients. Patients can get in touch with their concerned doctors through video calls or phone calls free of cost. The platform propagates general awareness through articles on their website accessible to all. The panel has all specialist, and all types of ailments are cured.

  1. Kairali Ayurvedic centre

Kairali Ayurvedic centre believes in old is gold, and they provide authentic ancient proven ayurvedic treatments to the patients. The panel has an award-winning doctors team. The software provides online consultation through video calls and phone calls. Appointment booking and whole treatment with follow up is carried out on one online platform. Patients can rely on the services as the app is active from 10 years and still working successfully.

Ayurveda is one right solution to all problems of any age. The methods and medicines used in ayurvedic treatments do not harm the body internally. The process might feel slow, but the results are excellent. Ayurveda is proven successful in chronic ailments too. So consult your online ayurvedic doctor today. Among all the portals, Docterz is considered to be the best portal due to the array of services it delivers.