Top Reasons to Use Inversion Table for Exercises

Back pain is one of the most common ailments people of every age face. While the youngsters have stress, sedentary lifestyles, and lazy schedules to blame, the middle age groups face back pain is due to deterioration in spine health. To avoid missing out on life and activities regularly due to sudden attacks of back pain, it is important for you to use something like an inversion table to fight back your back pain because it does the following- 


  • Improves the condition of your spinal cord


We have already established how back pain is majorly caused in spinal cords as their alignment is disrupted. Regular usage of inversion tables helps you to position your spinal discs correctly which not only reduces the pain sensation but also prevents it from reoccurring.


  • Removes the necessity for painkillers


People with frequent and chronic back pain are almost addicted to painkillers. While it does provide immediate relief, it is definitely not a solution. Let alone the fact that long term consumption of medicines results in permanent damage to your kidneys. 


  • Removes the requirement for surgery


According to most people, after painkillers, the next best solution to pain is surgery. While successful surgeries might actually result in permanent removal of your pain, surgeries are both extremely risky and expensive. Using inversion tables, on the other hand, lets you solve your problem on your own while letting you step into a healthy mode of living as well. 


  • Increases mobility and decreases stress


Using technologically developed inversion tables such as Innova itx9600 improves your muscles and bone flexibility, that in turn improves mobility. Regular exercising also acts a boost to your mood, releasing stress and making your life better by all means.

Use of inversion tables is just a way of exercising. Nothing else can keep you better than a healthy lifestyle in today’s world. Eat whatever you want to, but always remember to exercise. It is mandatory, just like drinking water.