What are the Best Ailments for Hearing Loss

The hearing disorder is perhaps one of the oldest problems in human society, persisting for time immemorial. The problem gained importance as the medical institutions and human rights organizations established the serious numerous impacts of hearing loss both in physical and mental health and social life of the affected people.

The WHO came out with serious and significant concerns about hearing loss. As per WHO, as persons exposed to noise pollution at the workplace is common, occupational hearing loss is obvious and the compensation is high. Besides this, non-occupational recreational noise pollution is also a growing concern which normally happens in places like discotheques, nightclubs, devices like music players and video games etc.

Eventually, hearing loss ailment has become one of the essential components of medical science and significant stress has been given to the best and appropriate treatment of hearing loss around the world. Look for the best hearing loss ailment at clinique vertige Audiologie Centre-Ouest.

Diagnosis of hearing loss:

There are different types of hearing losses and the reasons for hearing loss are also numerous. Hearing loss can be genetic and is seen at birth, Nevertheless, hearing loss may also develop at a later stage of life. Therefore, the diagnosis of hearing loss differs from person to person. The following are some of the forms of diagnosis popularly undertaken by physicians.

  • Physical test: In the physical examination of hearing loss, the physician looks into the ear and finds out the reasons for the hearing loss.
  • Screening test: The doctor may carry out a whisper test and asks you to cover one ear and listen to a different volume of voice. This shows how accurately you can hear.
  • Hearing tests using the app: You can yourself test your capabilities of hearing by using mobile apps.
  • Tuning fork test: Metal sounds are produced and evaluated to know your hearing loss.
  • Audiometer test: Audiometer tests are advanced ways where an audiologist wears ear-phone and performs the test to ensure the accuracy of hearing loss.


The ailments are numerous based on the reasons for hearing loss. The treatment methodologies include (1) Cleaning the wax blockages, (2) Surgical procedures, (3) Hearing equipment (4) Cochlear implant etc.

The contemporary advanced diagnosis and treatment procedures to tackle hearing loss have been very successful and potentially useful for the people. The only concern while undergoing the treatment of hearing loss is to find the appropriate physician who can give the right treatment to recover your hearing loss.

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