What are the Different Types of Diseases That Destroys Your Gums?

Keeping your teeth whiter and getting a brighter smile is not enough for good oral health. Even if you do not have cavities and do not have bad breath, you may never claim that you have good gum health if you are not conscious about maintaining  good gum health by taking special care of your gum which is extremely important. The gum problems are usually painless and occur silently without your notice but are deadly when you notice them.

The gum diseases are mostly linked with numerous other diseases of your body such as bone loss, cardiovascular diseases, possibilities of cancer, strokes including other serious problems of your body. Therefore, you need to essentially take care of your gums in consultation with a dentist or a dental clinic who hasthe adequate dental qualification and long experience of dealing with gum problems such as Oracare.

Most gum diseases start with the development of plaque under the gum line as well as along the gum. The plaque is a very common to film like transparent layer in the mouth we all often experience in the morning while brushing the teeth. On the other hand, this plaque is deadly dangerous if not cleaned regularly appropriately. The plaque is nothing but a layer of bacteria which harms the gums and bones if constantly stay along the gums or under the gums. The bacteria in the plaque usually are infectious and they cause bad smell as well as tooth decay. The plaque can also further cause gingivitis which is the earliest form of gum disease. It is the gingivitis which causes the gums to turn red, inflamed, tender, swollen and finally, over a period of time your gums bleed.

However, in the case of gingivitis, you can still reverse and treat the disease because your teeth ,as well as bones and the tissue, are still not infected. Another gum disease which may also harm your gums badly is the periodontitis. The periodontitis is one of the forms of an advanced stage of gum diseases. The periodontitis harms the bones over which your teeth are placed and if you do not treat them early with appropriate measures, you may literally ruin your gum, teeth, bones as well as tissues leading to serious consequences. Ultimately, the final stage of your gum disease is called advanced periodontitis when the bone and fibres which support your teeth are already destroyed and you may have to remove your teeth.