Why Consider a Rhinoplasty Procedure

It is fine if you are not happy with your nose. Not all human beings are born same. While some have flawless features, there might be some unlucky people who are not happy with their appearance. May be they are not satisfied with their lips, or eyelid, chin or the nose. For a long time when cosmetic surgery was not so advanced, one had to live with their dissatisfaction of themselves. Even if one has not been born with any deformity, accidents or trauma might have resulted in ruining the nose. That is when one can consider Rhinoplasty procedure.

Putting in simple words, a rhinoplasty procedure is nothing but a nose job. Th popularity of the same has grown more over the years,and currently a Rhinoplasty procedure is counted among the most sough after plastic surgery procedures. A Rhinoplasty procedure is not simple, and one needs a lot of experience and training for the best outcome and results. Hence, when you are opting for a Rhinoplasty, make sure that it is handled by a right surgeon

Our nose is composed of soft tissue, cartilage and small bones. All of this make up the shape of the nose. When one makes changes to these components, then the nose can take on a different appearance altogether. The result depends on how well the procedure has taken place.

Can you get Rhinoplasty

A Rhinoplasty procedure is a complicated one, and needs a certain amount of time. Just willing to go for this surgery will not get one the permission, though. This is because not everyone can be an ideal candidate for a Rhinoplasty procedure. Following are the reasons why one can opt for Rhinoplasty:


  • You have a bump on the bridge of the nose
  • You have a wide nose
  • A crooked septum
  • A thick nasal tip, or excessively projecting and drooping tip
  • Irregularities due to trauma or injury

Why Opt For a Rhinoplasty Procedure

Facial irregularities can occur anytime. Whether you choose to live with it, or let it go, is your personal choice. However, there are some good reasons why Rhinoplasty is preferred. Following are the many reasons to opt for the same:

Enhancing the appearance- There are some who choose to live with their physical shortcomings, while there are others who want to make changes. A Rhinoplasty procedure helps to change the shape and appearance of the nose. Depending on the anatomical makeup of the nose, and the desired change one is looking for, the surgeon will make minor changes in the structure for noticeable improvements. The process can be extensive too in some cases where multiple components of the internal structure of the nose are altered for achieving the look one desires.

Improves breathing- There are certain conditions like growths inside the nose, or genetic abnormalities or injuries, that can affect the structure of the nose and create a blockage in the nasal passage. This can make it difficult for some to breathe properly. A rhinoplasty procedure can clear the passageways so that there is smooth flow of air. This might involve altering the septum.

The nose is one of the prominent features on one’s face. Any abnormalities can therefore be treated nicely with a simple Rhinoplasty procedure.