Why is Handmade Soap Better

We all know that handmade soap contains glycerin. Glycerin is an excellent moisturizer and also one of the many good reasons that make handmade soap a good option for your skin! The compound is an emollient which attracts moisture from the air and maintains moisture in the skin all along the day. Store-bought or mass-produced bars normally do not contain glycerin and can leave your skin feeling dry and irritated. 

The commercial soap manufacturing or more commonly known as ‘cleansing bars’ is completely different from the handmade one. Over time, natural ingredients like olive oil, coconut extract, and palm oil have been replaced with animal fat, toxic chemicals compounds, and cheap synthetic detergents. Also, the natural ingredient, glycerin, is now being removed and is being sold as a by-product to make more profits. This glycerin is also used in the cosmetic industry as a key ingredient in lotions, balms and hair conditioners.

Not being real soap, commercial soaps also contain detergents. These detergents strip the skin of its natural oils. A few brands also use synthetic ingredients to achieve things such as a thick lather or specific hardness of the bar, which makes our skin as a home for many dangerous chemicals. On top of being moisturizing, the handmade soap achieves these properties by having the correct ratios of plant-based oils, natural flavor ingredients and other natural ingredients.

Even though a few soaps label claim to bring health and claim to moisture to your skin texture- Don’t Be Fooled! 

The fact is that there is nothing about any of their ingredients that is actually beneficial for skin health. If you examine some ingredient labels from ‘cleansing bars’, you will find a shocking truth, you are not able to understand their ingredients. If you can’t understand their ingredient lists, then why are you purchasing it? While buying soaps, we should always prefer handmade soaps over other options. Still asking why? Here’s a bit more elaborated answer for you.

What is Good About a Handmade Soap?

If for a second we move away from the fact that naturally handcrafted soap are beautiful and it elevates you to bathing paradise.It is made with simple ingredients that are known to be bring nourishmentto skin health. A combination of natural vegetable oils and jars of butter are used to provide soothing and moisturizing experience to our skin. In a nutshell, handmade soapshelp heal, protect and provide our skin with the necessary vitamins and nutrients. 

Glycerin is naturally formed during saponification process (the soap-making process) and is left unremoved in natural soap bars which further contribute to a creamy moisturizing lather (that is healthy!). Plus, a natural handmade soap is generally made with a mix of botanicals, herbs, and organic oils which add delightful after bath aromas and healing characteristics to us.

Although all handmade soaps are generally better than commercial soaps! You would be shocked to know that not all handmade soaps are created equally& have a balanced bathing experience. Many soap makers use a melt-and-pour soap base in the soap making process that can easily be bought from any local craft stores. This kind of soap is made with a solvent material which makes them easy to melt during the process, add more specific ingredients to it, and then pour them into the respective molds. Often this soap is called as glycerin soap after the completion. Though many soap makers use natural ingredients that bring that homemade effect to it, much of the soap base that they use is producedcommercially and contains a series of questionable ingredients in their making. Soyou must always ensure what you purchase for your next bathing experience!

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