You need not depend on asthma inhalers anymore. Consult a homeopath!

Asthma is a medical condition in which your bronchial tubes become narrow and inflamed causing it difficult for you to breathe. It comes from the Greek word which means “panting”. It is a very common disease affecting nearly 5% of the population worldwide on an average. Stats of some years have been way higher.

Asthma attacks are triggered by something unusual in the air, stress or certain allergies which could cause the creation of mucus in the airways causing the airflow to be not so smooth. Asthma symptoms include difficulty in breathing, chest tightness, excessive coughing, anxiety, throat inflammation and a whistling sound while exhaling. The patient may notice these symptoms even if he puts in some extra effort into his day to day activities. Something as simple as walking quickly may cause asthma symptoms to surface.

Conventional Treatment:

More often than not, doctors would prescribe you some sought of an inhaler to mitigate the effects corresponding to asthma symptoms. In a usual scenario, you might be prescribed with either of the two inhalers: bronchodilator or steroid.

Bronchodilator tends to help with asthma by acting on the muscles of the bronchial tubes by widening them so that airflow is smooth. Steroid inhalers on the other hand act on the asthma symptoms by clearing the airways of the inflammation and extra mucus.

Side-effects of asthma inhalers:

The asthma inhalers, particularly the steroid ones, may act as stress-inducing agents, could affect the kidneys and may even trigger glaucoma and thrush. There is no way to correctly measure the negative impact these inhalers might have but it’s been said that the effect is minimal to none. Although proven to be extremely helpful with the right dosage, to stop asthma symptoms, one might still wonder about the possible and probable side effects of these inhalers. It’s high time to seek homeopathy treatment!

Asthma treatment in homeopathy

Homeopathy apparently provides for a better long-term solution in tackling asthma. It is natural, organic and cost-effective in its approach. Asthma treatment in homeopathy  tends to find the right balance between asthma symptoms, a person’s psychological functioning and his physical reactions to certain triggering factors while prescribing the correct medication. It not only soothes a suffering patient but also reduces the frequency at which he has or might have his asthma attacks.

Although there is no conclusive proof that asthma treatment in homeopathy should act as the primary treatment for asthma symptoms, it is said that these medicines in tandem with traditional methodologies prove to be superficial. Many studies claim that homeopathic treatment act as nothing but a placebo effect. Either way, no level of self-treatment is advisable. You must always consult your doctors and come up with a suitable solution.

Self-Care Tips:

Medications can only do so much. It is you who has to take necessary precautions so you do not end up in a precarious situation. Your call is almost as important as the so-called experts. Here are a few steps you could consider:

  • Keep your surroundings clean
  • Avoid keeping pets with excess fur or feathers as animal hair is a major trigger
  • Avoid emotional distress
  • Use air conditioners as they tend to reduce humidity in the air and prevent dust particles to enter
  • Maintain a proper weight as overweight individuals are more vulnerable to such attacks.
  • Conduct appropriate exercises